Help for Bipolar Disorder

Three ways to change your life for the better if you have #bipolar disorder. 1. Choose a hobby that gives you pleasure. Keep doing this hobby no matter what your mood.
2. Exercise for physical health so that your body will always be able to hold you up when life gets you down.
3. Think of where you want to be in five years and take a small step now to reach the goal. You have five years to reach this goal. We can do a lot in five years.
We focus so much on what not to do, what meds to take, how much sleep we need to get, etc. Yes, this is all important, but it’s equally important to keep going with life even if life gets us down. That is why I wrote Get it Done When You’re Depressed. I need a safety net that is in place and working for when I get too sick to function on my own.
My plan is in place 24 hours a day. I need this as my mood is not very predictable. I know myself. I need stability from the world around me. My brain will not give me stability willingly. I have to extract it daily! I want to make lemonade darn it!
What about you? What is a hobby you NEED to do, but maybe have not done enough due to bipolar mood swings? What exercise can you do to strengthen your abdominal area for healthy aging? What is a goal that you can reach in five years?

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