Guest Post: Craig Hamilton part 3 of 3

Craig Hamilton – My Story part 3   (Click here for part 1)  (Click here for part 2)

Today I  know so much more about this thing called depression, this thing called mania ,  chemical imbalance in the brain etc.

Knowledge really is power.

Today , I manage Bipolar Disorder with self-awareness, medication, yoga ,regular exercise and a holistic approach to staying fit and healthy.

I have also reduced my alcohol content which has helped with my overall health.

My self-awareness is simply more fined tuned today to my stress levels and when I need to pull back, slow down and rest , I do it – that simple.

Bipolar still provides me with many challenges.

I have been hospitalized twice in the past 4 years with manic and psychotic episodes.

Both episodes the resulted in serious depressions.

Vigilance and awareness are so important with this illness.

In the area of mental health and public awareness, I simply want to make a difference. When “Broken Open” was written I hoped the book would not only help to further de-stigmatise mental illness but provide some guidelines for those people and their families who were going to walk the same path that I have.

Today I look back on the book with a great deal of satisfaction. It is helping others but there is still much more to do.

Craig Hamilton


Craig Hamilton is an ABC Broadcaster and sought after motivational
speaker. His book ‘Broken Open’ is a story of remarkable triumph that
will inspire all who read it. You can read more about Craig at his


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