Friends and the Health Cards


Before I wrote the Health Cards to help manage my bipolar disorder- my friends had no idea what was going on with me. Actually, I had no idea what was going on with me!
I have taught my friends how to use the cards. They know my symptoms now- because I showed them my symptoms from the third column in the cards. This isn’t an intuitive thing to do. Many people with bipolar disorder keep silent about their symptoms. I couldn’t. They affected my friendships too much. I have a friend- a guy friend – who always asks me, ”Julie, when you say ‘I’m sick today’- what does that mean?” I am so impressed and thankful that he truly wants to know what bipolar does to me.” So, I tell him what it means and now he knows when I say ‘I’m sick today’ that I’m depressed and having a tough time functioning. He can then remember what my Health Cards say about depression and how he can help me. Instead of being freaked out, he asked questions. That is what the Health Cards are all about.

Click here to read about The Health Cards. It’s a bit difficult to see what they are from the title alone- this section of the webpage explains them well!  They changed my relationships for ever. I know they can do the same for you.  Julie

2 comments to Friends and the Health Cards

  • Ric

    do you have any of your books on audio?

    thanks Ric

    • Hi Ric,

      I have plans to record my books on audio- the first willl be a recording of Bipolar Happens.

      At this time, you can listen to my radio shows and podcasts from the blog.

      I will get on the project soon! Julie