Food Signs that You’re Manic

You don’t eat like you usually do.

You haven’t had a vegetable in days.

Your fridge is empty.

You can’t remember your last meal.

You smoke more.

You drink more alcohol or coffee.

You have more energy even when you don’t eat.

You lose weight really easily.

Yes, if you’re overweight this can be one of the only positive things about mania. But if you’re already thin, this can lead to serious weight loss and dehydration. I definitely know people who have had to go to the hospital for an IV after a serious manic episode where they didn’t (or couldn’t) take care of their bodies.

Hypomania has always knocked on my door in the summer. I’m doing every single thing I can to monitor it now that summer is here. Wow. I sure do love the weight loss- but I will not let mania affect my life. It’s time for the Health Cards and asking for help.

Do you get manic in the summer? Do you have any of the above symptoms?  What are you going to do?


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