Tips to End Severe Bipolar Depression

Remind yourself that depression is an illness. The symptoms will always be the same.

– Lack of joy in what used to bring joy. This does NOT mean you need to change your life. It means you need to end the depression so that you can again experience joy. Many people make the mistake of leaving relationships, quitting jobs and thinking a big change is the answer to ending depression. I suggest that managing depression is a better choice.

– A sense that you will never get better. This is a symptom of depression. Depression is a succubus. It lies. I call depression the most successful illness in the world. It does the job well. I fight this by accepting that I am going to lose work time and energy while I am depressed. It feels like I am drowning even though I am sitting in a life raft. I have to open my eyes and see that I am in a life raft and I am going to get through the depression. I always do.

I could go on- our list of symptoms is very long. I wrote my book Get it Done When You’re Depressed when I was depressed. I remember thinking I would NEVER finish the book. How could I possibly write a book when I was so sick from the stress of writing a book? I did it through using the tips in the book!

There is a chance you are reading this while depressed. It’s ok to be depressed when you have bipolar disorder. What do you need to do next to get out of the depression? Read my books if they speak to you.  Programs are available from other writers. Support lines are ready for your call. All that matters is seeing bipolar depression for what it is- an illness.

Depression has nothing to do with YOU. I has nothing to do with me. It is no different than diabetes. It’s chemicals. I fight my depression and I will win. You can too. 



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