Does Britney Spears Have Bipolar Disorder? Update

Britney Spears on Good Morning America in 2011

Here is a post I wrote when Britney Spears was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Do you think she should come out in the open and talk about the illlness? Or do we expect too much of celebrities? There is no reason they have to be role models. The topic is still interesting as she seemed to do so well and then she was pretty out of it again. If you saw her performaces of recent TV shows such as Good Morning America, she didn’t look well. Who knows!

The following picture was captioned:

Britney Spears is Back! Troubled Singer Britney Spears Performs For Good Morning America!

Isn’t it interesting how mental illness (brain disorders) are often labeled troubling, disturbed and out of

**  from 2009**

I wrote a lot about Britney Spears when she was going through such a tough time: from shaving her head in public to being taken away by an ambulance after she was found in her bathroom sobbing and possibly suicidal. I was interviewed in US Magazine about the topic as well. In the past few months, I’ve wondered if she actually does have bipolar disorder as was reported. She sure seemed to be doing well. I know for a fact that someone who went through the type of psychotic/manic episode that she experienced simply can’t go back to the same life within a year. Period.

I actually said to my mom, “If she has bipolar disorder, it’s the best recovery I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe she is actually going to go on tour. I could never handle that.”  My mom said, “Well, what do you think happened?” I said, “She definitely had a manic and psychotic episode and then depression, but people can actually have these out of the blue and then not have them again. But something doesn’t sound right to me. All of the magazines talk about her comeback and yet don’t mention bipolar disorder????  That is strange. It seems to me that she is trying to do things way too soon. I think she will get sick again if she goes on tour.”


2011:  It’s hard to go through what Britney Spears went through and then still have a high profile career. We will see what happens. I wish her luck. I’ve always found her very talented!

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  • i cant stand when people have no education about bipolar dont believe its real. they because they see you funtioning as times they dont believe your sick. manic eposodes make people think you are just a wild fun over giving person. they dont see the down part after a manic eposode. so they oh she just really tired or she just really sad today. they just leave ya alone or try to tell you not to worry or force you out of bed and tell you its no big deal.its so hard to explain the feeling of being manic or really depressed. so i just stay away from people when i am going threw the depression. manic i cant seem to calm down and i do enjoy being manic because i am not shy or afraid of anything at that time. i put myself in dangerous situations without thinking about it. i would drink spend alot of money give people anything. my judge ment is so dissorted. than when i come down i realize what i did and hate myself for it. really sometime i dont remmember what i did.i am on medication now. it toke a long time to find out what worked wright for me.bipolar is real.

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