Does Bipolar Disorder Have Psychotic Delusions?

Yes!  Anyone with bipolar disorder can experiences delusions.

Delusions are psychotic symptoms along with hallucinations.

Delusions are false beliefs where a person experiences something that isn’t real when compared to the outside world. Examples include believing the radio is sending private messages or that the government is monitoring behavior with special cameras hidden in a house.  

Paranoia is the most common delusion.  

I remember believing a demon was following me over my right shoulder. I also thought people were talking about me or had planted false information in my speaking evaluations. (It can be rather funny!)  My ex, when he was very, very psychotic and in the hospotal was convinced I was sleeping with my former partner even though he lived in a different state and I had not seen him for five years!

 I like talking about psychosis. It’s not a terrible thing- it’s a common part of this illness! My book Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder explains psychosis in very clear terms.  My Health Cards Treatment System has a card that shows all of the different symptoms of psychosis that I experience.

Delusion education is essential!


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