Common Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

1. Inability to stay in a
job for long.

2. Difficulty working
despite possessing
the qualifications to
do the job.

3. Money problems.

4. Feelings of being
overwhelmed by job
requirements or other
life responsibilities.

5. Sadness and frustration
over inability to
work or get things

6. Feelings of hopelessness
about the

I lived with these symptoms daily until I learned to manage my bipolar disorder more successfully. I want to encourage people with bipolar disorder to see the list as what life is like without a good management plan. Once the plan is in place, everything changes.

We are able to find work that fits our needs.

We can create relationships that help us stay stable.

We can learn to live a life filled with joy and good times vs. life filled with being ill due to bipolar disorder.

The symptoms on the above list still come and go for me. They are always lurking. But I no longer live a life controlled by bipolar disorder.

We can take charge of this illness. My plan is in all of my books. I encourage you to find what works so that you can manage the symptoms and find the path you want to take in life.

I believe in all of us!


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