Bipolar Disorder Medications and Weight Gain: Prader-Willi Syndrome

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.03.11 AMWeight gain from bipolar disorder medications, especially anti psychotics represents one of the most difficult challenges those of us with bipolar disorder face when we try to manage this illness. I gained 80 pounds my first three years on meds. In the past few years, I gained 35 due to troubles with lithium.

It’s an awful experience to ALWAYS be hungry and NEVER fill full. It’s frustrating and rather scary to see your stomach turn to mush and your once healthy body get bigger and bigger….but it’s also fascinating. I am always on the lookout for why the drugs are doing this to so many of us, while some people can take lithium for example with ZERO weight gain.

There are stories in the news that [ Read More ]

Do You Have A Helping of Chronic Pain and Inflammation Along with Your Bipolar Disorder?

Paleo Coach coverI do! I’m currently eating a Paleo diet with the autoimmune protocol (no nightshades, dairy, etc) to deal with an intense back and hip injury from a biking accident. When I say I’m eating a Paleo diet, I means I’m working it, but I haven’t reached a point of following it completely.

The Paleo concept isn’t complicated. Many of the foods we eat today are so new our bodies are not always able to digest the foods in a natural way. This way of eating isn’t about losing weight, it’s about ending physical problems. The basics: You eat nutrient dense foods with an emphasis on meat, vegetables and fruit. Grains and legumes are not consumed due to their propensity to cause digestion problems. This is why beans, beans the edible fruit, the more you [ Read More ]