Bipolar Disorder and Money

Ideas for Saving Money when You Have Bipolar Disorder

I just cut up my credit card…

This may have not been too smart business wise, but I felt it was necessary. I put everything on the card and it’s not like I was going on spending sprees- it was mostly normal stuff like groceries and dinner as well as my business stuff. But now that I have made a commitment to be 100% fiscally responsible this year (unlike some entities I can think of!), I think that going to a cash based system for small purchases makes more sense. I can actually think before I spend!

I will have to plan ahead when I go somewhere and ask myself- do I really want to spend $20 on dinner? Credit cards make it too easy to spending [ Read More ]

A Few Differences Between Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder

Just answered a question on my BP Magazine for Bipolar blog about the differences between #bipolar and #borderline regarding triggers. The person asking had the idea that bipolar is not a triggered illness while borderline is. Here is a brief clarification: Bipolar disorder is an ancient and genetic illness that affects a person’s ability to regulate the mood. It is not related to childhood events. It is not a trauma illness. It is also very episodic. When a person with bipolar is not manic or depressed, the mood is stable. Borderline is a personality disorder with symptoms that are consistent over time. The cause is up for debate. For the majority of people, borderline is trauma based. Bipolar and borderline are not related as illnesses. What about triggers? Bipolar is absolutely triggered [ Read More ]

Bipolar, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Bipolar disorder is about mania and depression mood swings. Within these mood swings, we can have a variety of symptoms including anxiety, attention and focus problems, irritation/anger and more. If you’re depressed and anxious, you’re normal. If you’re in a dysphoric manic episode and are anxious, you’re normal.

Panic attacks are a form of anxiety. A panic attack involves the overall body and mind sensation that there is danger around you and the reaction is one of breathing problems, chest heaviness, fear, the sense that something is wrong and the idea that you can’t go on or function.

Panic attacks are NEVER real. Let me clarify this- they are always about the brain and the body and illness. They are a part of the brain reaction called anxiety. There is no [ Read More ]

When to Quit What is Triggering Your Bipolar Disorder Mood Swings

A month ago, I had to stop a VIP. (A very important proposal. ) It was devastating. I cried and felt terrible that I once again was too sick to work. Please know that the community on this page helped me greatly with this and when I did make the decision to take a break from the project, I knew I would not be judged.

No one judged. The day after I let my agent and coauthor know I had to stop for awhile, my horrific and I mean mind blowingly horrific anxiety was almost gone. The proposal sample chapter was a trigger.

I was so embarrassed. There is Julie A. Fast- once again having to quit. But…. I remembered what I taught myself years ago- [ Read More ]

Never Give Up: Getting Better When You Have Bipolar Disorder


I’ve been suicidal thousands of times over the past 20 years. I know, that is a shocking sentence! My first suicidal episode was in 1983. My most recent suicidal episode was two weeks ago. I’ve been depressed all of my adult life off and on and the mania… well, let’s just say that for many years I let my mania slide a bit due to how much I got done when the euphoria was raging. I started having dysphoric manic episodes later in life and as I’ve matured, the anxiety is much worse. You would think this would all get me down, but I can be honest with you and say that when I focus on managing this complicated illness and truly focus on having a stable life, I am usually a [ Read More ]

World Bipolar Day is Here! Yay!

We have come so far. In 1995, there was confusion on whether to call this illness #manic depression or #bipolar disorder. Now we have a #WorldBipolarDay. This is progress! #BipolarStrong