Bipolar? It is Ok to Quit What is Making You Sick

Bipolar disorder is so easily triggered. It’s a rough illness that way- even the things we look forward to with great happiness can cause us trouble. Over the years I’ve learned there are just some situations, no matter how succesful or fun they are that I can’t handle. A friend of mine with bipolar once took a math class that was very stressful. She got quite sick from the class. When I, and a few others suggested she quit the class, she said, “I’m not a quitter, Julie! I have stopped so many things because of bipolar. I just want to finish something!” I said, “There is a big difference between ‘quitting’ from laziness or lack of attention to the topic- and the quitting that comes from taking care of yourself.” She quit the [ Read More ]

Common Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

1. Inability to stay in a job for long.

2. Difficulty working despite possessing the qualifications to do the job.

3. Money problems.

4. Feelings of being overwhelmed by job requirements or other life responsibilities.

5. Sadness and frustration over inability to work or get things done.

6. Feelings of hopelessness about the future.

I lived with these symptoms daily until I learned to manage my bipolar disorder more successfully. I want to encourage people with bipolar disorder to see the list as what life is like without a good management plan. Once the plan is in place, everything changes.

We are able to find work that fits our needs.

We can create relationships that help us stay stable.

We can learn to live a life filled with joy and good times vs. life filled [ Read More ]

What I Do When I Can Tell I’m Getting Depressed or Manic

1. I feel a bit sad for myself and upset and worried and lonely and scared and bummed out and pissed and…… you get the idea.

2. I ALWAYS look for a trigger. If I can find the trigger, I change the trigger. This is always upsetting because my trigger is usually doing too much work and I LOVE to work.

3. If it’s depression, I do everything possible to stay out of bed and keep myself from isolating. I use the ideas in Get it Done When You’re Depressed ever minute I’m depressed. There are a lot of ideas in this book that work immediately and I truly use them.

4. If it’s mania, I work on my sleep first. If I can’t get it to calm down with my management plan, [ Read More ]

Signs a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder Needs Help

1. Current behaviors are not in line with past behaviors. For example, – a person who has been empathetic throughout life suddently becomes selfish and callous and says, “I don’t love you and never have! You are finally seeing the real me!”

2. They stop paying attention to what has always been important. This can include being with their children. People who once cared about helping animals will forget to feed them or might kick them for example.

3. They don’t listen. And when you point this out, you are always the one with the problem.

4. They simply can’t see that they they are doing or are about to do isn’t going to end well.


A Moment of Beauty to Calm a Worried Mind

Julie, How do I Avoid Getting Lost Between Bipolar Mania and Staying in Real Life?

I’ve taught myself to recognize mania from the beginning. That is the answer to how you keep from getting lost in mania. Once it is to the point that you can’t see it, it’s too late. For example, right now due to the stress of my latest project (I’m writing a children’s book), I’m going in and out of hypomania. I know the signs from my Health Cards of what this mania looks like.


When I start to talk a bit too loudly and can’t hear it. When I don’t care about seeing my nephew as much and become more selfish. These are signs.

I now know this is not natural for me. When I think about men more than usual, I don’t just let myself explain this away that [ Read More ]

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