Why We MUST Prepare for Bipolar Triggers

This is a post for family members and partners. People with bipolar can let me know what they think about it as well. A few weeks ago, I started to wind down a job I love – soccer marketing for local English pub. I kept the job for seven months and finally realized that if I wanted to get my next books written and edit my Health Cards and help people in mental health, I could NOT continue to do soccer marketing on the side. The work was very enjoyable. I LOVED my boss/partner. I did a fantastic job. The choice to leave the work was mutual and a good choice for my future. Please notice what I said. There was nothing negative about this work. [ Read More ]

What Does Bipolar Mania Sound Like?


Mania creates physical changes in the eyes and body, as seen in my manic photo shoot above. Looking for and writing down what we say is just as important if we want to manage these often out of control mood swings. What bipolar mania sounds like: “I’m cured! I finally feel like the real me! I’ve been living in a box all of my life and now the constraints are off and the chains of that depression are gone and I’m back! I’m alive and bursting with the real energy I knew was inside of me all along! Life is going to be so much better now! I knew that depression was not the real me. This is the real me! I just feel so fantastic! I can’t believe that [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and the Thanksgiving Holiday part two…….

Continued from Thanksgiving part one…..


My friend Margery who has bipolar disorder just called and told me that her sister has decided to come down to Portland where she lives instead of staying in Seattle. Margery said, “I cooked her dinner a few years ago, Julie. I’m not spending days cooking for something that is gone in a few hours. It’s too stressful!” I agree. Margery just reserved a full Thanksgiving dinner from Whole foods. She picks it up Thanksgiving morning! She said it was so cheap when everyone went in on it. These stores have great and inexpensive salad bars as well.

Good idea: Say no to cooking if it’s too much for you. Let others do it or buy dinner from a store and bring it home. Or, eat out!

I’d like to say I’m immune to the whole Thanksgiving thing- but I’m not. I have to [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and Thanksgiving Part One…………..


Let’s Make Thanksgiving Great This Year!



There is a commercial on the radio where I live here in Portland, Oregon that always makes me laugh. It says… ‘Beware of the holiday horrors! Buy all of your holiday presents now, the day after Thanksgiving and save yourself the stress of waiting until the last minute!” Oh, it sounds like torture to me! When did Thanksgiving become so much about Black Friday sales? In case you didn’t know, Black Friday is a sales day after the Thursday Thanksgiving here in the United States. It’s called Black Friday because it’s a day businesses can make enough money to balance the books instead of being in the red!

[ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and Money

Ideas for Saving Money when You Have Bipolar Disorder

I just cut up my credit card…

This may have not been too smart business wise, but I felt it was necessary. I put everything on the card and it’s not like I was going on spending sprees- it was mostly normal stuff like groceries and dinner as well as my business stuff. But now that I have made a commitment to be 100% fiscally responsible this year (unlike some entities I can think of!), I think that going to a cash based system for small purchases makes more sense. I can actually think before I spend!

I will have to plan ahead when I go somewhere and ask myself- do I really want to spend $20 on dinner? Credit cards make it too easy to spending [ Read More ]

A Few Differences Between Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder

Just answered a question on my BP Magazine for Bipolar blog about the differences between #bipolar and #borderline regarding triggers. The person asking had the idea that bipolar is not a triggered illness while borderline is. Here is a brief clarification: Bipolar disorder is an ancient and genetic illness that affects a person’s ability to regulate the mood. It is not related to childhood events. It is not a trauma illness. It is also very episodic. When a person with bipolar is not manic or depressed, the mood is stable. Borderline is a personality disorder with symptoms that are consistent over time. The cause is up for debate. For the majority of people, borderline is trauma based. Bipolar and borderline are not related as illnesses. What about triggers? Bipolar is absolutely triggered [ Read More ]