Julie Fast Mental Health Court Consulting

Julie’s coaching practice is currently on hold while she works on her new video course explaining her cannabis and bipolar disorder harm reduction plan. Please feel free to contact Julie at Julie Fast Books on gmail to receive a notification when the cannabis education course is ready for the public. Please note- Julie Fast is not taking any new coaching clients at this time. Please refer to her books and blog for help. She will be back soon. Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder is the place to start for partners. Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder and The Health Cards Treatment System for Bipolar Disorder are the best place to start for family members. Please do read below to hear more about her work. She will announce on the blog when her practice is taking new clients.



Julie is the reason my son is currently in [ Read More ]

Why Do People With Bipolar Disorder Drink and Use Substances?

Here is my latest blog for Bp Magazine for Bipolar Disorder….



by Julie A. Fast


If you care about someone with bipolar disorder, you may wonder why we choose so may behaviors that make us so much worse. The answer might surprise you. I can assure you from many years of boozing it up and smoking weed and hash myself, I was NOT doing it to get drunk or just to get high. Here is why I used substances heavily for many years:

Unbelievable panic attacks from being around men. Who on earth gets sick from going on a date? I do. So I drank beer and then drank more beer. I later found out that the hops in beer are calming. I drank like a person [ Read More ]

Bipolar, Cannabis and Psychosis: A Class for Parents and Partners

This dynamic and timely classes teaches: 1.) How THC and CBD can affect bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder 2) How to calmly talk to an adult child or partner about cannabis use. 3) A harm reduction plan you can start today for life long results. Relationships can be saved. [ Read More ]

The New Psychotic Pot: Is High THC Marijuana Dangerous for People with Bipolar Disorder?


A quick explanation on why I believe bipolar disorder and pot smoking don’t mix.


I have bipolar disorder. I work as a coach for parents and partners of children with bipolar disorder. Here are my experiences:


1. For over three years now, at least 50% of the coaching situations I experience involve POT smoking that leads to mania and abnormal amounts of psychosis in the person with bipolar disorder. In my experience, people who continue to smoke pot that causes bipolar disorder symptoms do not get better. At this time, three of the six clients I’m working with have children who are either in the hospital or are about to go into the hospital because of pot induced bipolar psychosis. It’s not a joke and I hope it can be addressed rationally and reasonably without [ Read More ]