The Bipolar Road to ………..

We are on a journey. Some people get a rather straight path. They live their lives and have the worries and struggles of the every day person. Some of us get a treacherous mountain journey. We never think we can climb that far. The path never lets us know what is coming. We struggle. Each time I make it through yet another dangerous mood swing, I am reminded that people with mental health disorders are stronger than most. We are interesting. We look for new ways to stay alive. We try and try and try unlike any people I have ever met. Look at this road. It reaches the destination! Bravo for us! I am sick today and that is ok. It is part of my illness. My focus is impossible and I am [ Read More ]

Positive Changes in Our Bipolar Disorder World


I’m writing today to share good news about the changes I see in our mental health world. I’ve been rather despondent for years regarding the struggles we all seem to go through due to bipolar disorder. This includes those of us with the illness as well as the families, partners, friends and health care processionals who want to help us live stable and productive lives.

What is the good news?

We all know more help is needed from the outside world, especially in terms of government support and today I see it happening. If you’re on Facebook, you know they often share old posts where you can see what you in the past. This morning, I saw a post from two years ago where I wrote:

How many more times do [ Read More ] Interview: How Faith Helps People with Bipolar Disorder

beautiful 1 Here’s an article where I, along with some very interesting people am interviewed by Madeline R. Vann, MPH from on the topic of bipolar disorder and spirituality. I share the story of how I lost all of my spiritual feelings when my depression got so serious in my 40s. I remember being so depressed I could only see myself as a speck of dirt on this revolving chuck of rock and water. I felt forever alone and hopeless. I was so sick. If you have bipolar disorder and you’re depressed, please let my story and the other stories in this article be a candle that provides a little bit of light when the depression is raging. I didn’t think I would be alive at 51. I was so sick for [ Read More ]