Keith Bates and Julie A. Fast Talk Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective and Life with Paranoid Psychosis

What does it feel like to be psychotic?

The majority of people with bipolar disorder one will experience psychosis in a full blown manic episode. Many people with bipolar one and bipolar two experiences paranoia, a form of psychosis, but often don’t know what is happening as the symptoms feel so real. People with bipolar disorder who also have a separate psychotic disorder, like Keith and myself actually have an illness called schizoaffective disorder. People with bipolar disorder can also have schizophrenia, but schizoaffective is more likely. I believe that psychosis is much more common in bipolar than we think- read below and ask yourself, Do I have psychosis?



Hello from Keith and Julie,


Hello, my name is Keith Bates…. I am a 22-year-old undergraduate [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis: Yes, we can have paranoid delusions!

Here is an example the Newsletter

Today’s Topic: Bipolar Disorder and Paranoid Delusions

by Julie A. Fast

Paranoia is a type of psychosis called a delusion. A delusion is a false belief.

For example, paranoia can be the belief that you have done something wrong and that a person or an organization is upset with you. This is a scary experience as it feels so real.

Paranoia used to really cause me a lot of trouble. I’ve worked hard so that I can at least recognize paranoia before it makes me do something stupid.

I often get the feeling that my friends are ignoring me and that they have met friends they like a lot better than myself. It’s a terrible experience. [ Read More ]

Ask Julie Fast: Will I ever stop being scared of my psychosis delusions and voices?


ANSWER: Yes, can learn to understand and respect your hallucinations and delusions. For example, I used to get VERY scared that I had a demon following me to harm me. Eventually I saw this psychotic experience for what it was- an anxiety response to a trigger. I still see myself get killed when I have anxious psychosis, but I just watch now. I am no longer scared. I used to see a lot of dead bodies – such as seeing a bag of leaves and just KNOWING there is a dead body in the bag. Now, I have the idea there is a dead body and I say, “Well, I’ve been triggered. I’m psychotic and have to make some changes.”

PARANOIA….The unfounded fear and worry that someone or something is [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder II and Psychosis

ensor psychosisI call psychosis the forgotten bipolar disorder symptom!

My bipolar psychosis intensified at age 19. I consistently had hallucinations of seeing myself killed and thought it was normal. I eventually learned to manage my psychosis, but it sure would have helped if the health care professionals in my life had explained the symptoms of psychosis and that they were often a normal part of the bipolar disorder diagnosis.

I just received the following question from Mario on the topic:

Julie, I thought that people w/ Bipolar II don’t get psychotic? Or did you have a psychotic depression?


Hi Mario,

People with bipolar II can definitely get psychotic. I’ve had psychotic symptoms since age 16. Mine are usually with depression – as it’s rare for someone with bipolar II to have psychosis with [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder Curious? Listen to the Bipolar Disorder 101 Coaching Call and Change Your World!

Here I am working on my 2009 radio show!

Click the link below to listen to the Bipolar Disorder 101 coaching call where I condense my bipolar disorder knowledge into one hour. We had over 100 people on the original call- now it can reach even more people. You can listen online or download the MP3 to any handheld device. Here’s a quote from one of the listeners:

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Bipolar, Cannabis and Psychosis: A Class for Parents and Partners

This dynamic and timely classes teaches: 1.) How THC and CBD can affect bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder 2) How to calmly talk to an adult child or partner about cannabis use. 3) A harm reduction plan you can start today for life long results. Relationships can be saved. [ Read More ]

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