Bipolar Disorder in the Relationship: A Video for Couples from Julie A. Fast and the International Bipolar Foundation

Partner of a Person with Bipolar Disorder?

Julie, how do I know if my partner really is better? He got out of the hospital last month after a massive manic and psychotic episode, but I feel like he is still sick. Julie, how long does this take and will ‘he’ ever come back? Loretta

Hello Loretta,

Yes, your partner will come back. Bipolar disorder symptoms are not permanent. With the right treatment, he will come back to homeostasis. You then need a management plan, but that is another topic!

Here is the list I use with clients when they ask how can they possibly know when someone is actually better.

Your husband is better when you see the following:

1. He acknowledges the trouble, pain and heartache he (due to his illness) caused when he was sick. “I am so sorry you had to go through this. It must have been hard for me to be in the hospital while you took [ Read More ]

Relationship Disappointment and How it Affects Bipolar Disorder

On the list of the worst triggers for bipolar disorder mood swings, relationship troubles are right at the top for me. I used to walk into new relationships blindly. I would think, oh well, if it doesn’t work out I will just deal with the depression.

What a dumb plan! I can’t do this as a person with bipolar disorder. The bipolar will always win. I played with this illness for a long time around romantic relationships. I’ll go out with this guy, just for fun. I will be fine.

No, I wasn’t fine. When it self destructed, I did as well.

I have a different policy now.

Nothing is worth a terrible depression.

Nothing. We all have to protect ourselves from bipolar disorder by watching who we let into [ Read More ]

Ask Julie Fast: Why do many with bipolar disorder NOT try to help themselves?


Julie, I see so many posts of where they self sabotage themselves and sabotage their family.


MY ANSWER: Helplessness and lack of insight are natural symptoms of the illness. Self help is a luxury of the stable people of the world. Many of us with bipolar experience such intense mood swings, we are simply gasping for air and trying to survive. Even when we DO get a diagnosis, the treatment required for us to stay stable feels monumental and insurmountable when we are sick.

For example, we KNOW that depression responds very, very well to taking action such as going on a walk, going to a good health care professional, taking meds or being around people. I have it written down in a book that people can read and use for less than the cost [ Read More ]

Julie Fast Mental Health Court Consulting

Julie’s coaching practice is currently on hold while she works on her new video course explaining her cannabis and bipolar disorder harm reduction plan. Please feel free to contact Julie at Julie Fast Books on gmail to receive a notification when the cannabis education course is ready for the public. Please note- Julie Fast is not taking any new coaching clients at this time. Please refer to her books and blog for help. She will be back soon. Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder is the place to start for partners. Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder and The Health Cards Treatment System for Bipolar Disorder are the best place to start for family members. Please do read below to hear more about her work. She will announce on the blog when her practice is taking new clients.



Julie is the reason my son is currently in [ Read More ]

Rock Star Suicides: Let’s Stop Talking About “Demons” and Start Talking About Illness

From the Huffington Post….

My latest article in the Huffington Post talks about Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. Here is the opening:


As a society, we can recognize the symptoms of artists who are depressed and get them into treatment instead of raising up their tortured art and then wondering why they die.

Rock star suicides are nothing new. I’m reminded of Ian Curtis, Micheal Hutchence, and Curt Cobain. I recently wrote an article about the death of Chris Cornell, and sadly, I now write about the death of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

Once again, the world has lost a vibrant, young, and seemingly “have it all” kind of man. I want to first share my sadness at the loss of yet another person who simply didn’t need to die, but this time my heart is not breaking. This time I’m getting mad. The frustration [ Read More ]

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