Interview in Slate Magazine for a Daughter who Has a Father with Bipolar Disorder

dad-moneyI was just interviewed for Slate Magazine regarding a daughter who wants to help a parent who has bipolar disorder manage an inheritance. Fascinating. I LOVED talking with columnist Helaine Olen. My interview is in the second section.

Here is the question from a reader to Helaine Olen for her

How Do You Help a Parent With a Spending Problem?




My father recently received an inheritance. He intends to spend part of it on a house, and I assume save the rest for his retirement, which is eight to 10 years away. Here’s the issue: My dad has bipolar disorder. The condition is under control with the help of medications, but he has experienced severe manic episodes in the past that have caused him to become impulsive and reckless, financially and otherwise. He’s made big, [ Read More ]