Bipolar Disorder and Cannabis: Dabbing and THC

Dabbing creates 80-90% THC marijuana. It will make us manic and psychotic. People with #bipolar cannot dab. Ever. Let’s educate the world on the differences between CBD marijuana and THC and prevent the mania and psychosis I see in the children of my clients every day. Presenting dabs as candy is dangerous. I’m all for fun marketing, but dabbing hits our systems like meth. I call for better labeling and warnings on THC and the fact that for those of us with a genetic predisposition it can be dangerous. I currently have three clients with children in jail after dabbing. I do wish I were exaggerating. It’s ok for people to use marijuana. It’s ok for people to dab. It’s ok for people to do anything they want! But as with [ Read More ]

Bipolar, Cannabis and Psychosis: A Class for Parents and Partners

This dynamic and timely classes teaches: 1.) How THC and CBD can affect bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder 2) How to calmly talk to an adult child or partner about cannabis use. 3) A harm reduction plan you can start today for life long results. Relationships can be saved. [ Read More ]

Bipolar and Marijuana: What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is advertised as a nice spoon full of honey- it’s not. A dab is a straight shot of THC into our brains. Let’s be careful and learn about bipolar and THC.

Bipolar disorder and marijuana education: What is dabbing? One of the top concerns I see in bipolar disorder management today is marijuana and dabbing. The use of high THC pot is linked to an increase in psychosis and mania in those of us with bipolar disorder. The highest concentrate of THC when people use weed is creating wax from dabbing. The process is explained in the article linked below. The more we educate ourselves and keep an open mind into how we can stay safe and stable, the better we can help our sons, daughters and partners make healthy decisions [ Read More ]