Keith Bates and Julie A. Fast Talk Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective and Life with Paranoid Psychosis

What does it feel like to be psychotic?

The majority of people with bipolar disorder one will experience psychosis in a full blown manic episode. Many people with bipolar one and bipolar two experiences paranoia, a form of psychosis, but often don’t know what is happening as the symptoms feel so real. People with bipolar disorder who also have a separate psychotic disorder, like Keith and myself actually have an illness called schizoaffective disorder. People with bipolar disorder can also have schizophrenia, but schizoaffective is more likely. I believe that psychosis is much more common in bipolar than we think- read below and ask yourself, Do I have psychosis?



Hello from Keith and Julie,


Hello, my name is Keith Bates…. I am a 22-year-old undergraduate [ Read More ]

Daniel Bader: A Therapist who has Bipolar Disorder Talks about Self Forgiveness

Guest blogger Daniel Bader talks about life with bipolar and how learning to forgive himself for past behaviors helped him create strong relationships and a successful career as a therapist.

Like most people with bipolar disorder, I have done many things that I regret. Some of them involve harming other people: broken friendships, horrible things I’ve said, and even betrayals. Some of them involve harming myself: missed opportunities, lost jobs, and burned bridges. Looking back, it’s difficult to think about these events without cringing. I will often think self-abusive comments: “You’re an idiot!”, “Your so stupid!”. Sometimes, I even say them out loud.

In order to stop being so abusive to myself, I’m learning the art of self-forgiveness. I’m not perfect at it. Sometimes I’m not [ Read More ]

Guest Blogger Martin Baker on Bipolar Disorder and Creating Strong Friendships


How do I maintain friends when I have bipolar disorder? One great step is giving them High Tide, Low Tide: A Caring Friend’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder by Fran Houston and Martin Baker. If you have a friend who shows interest in helping you maintain stability, High Tide, Low Tide is a compassionate gift for any friendship! I also recommend it highly for siblings. Here is a guest blog post from author Martin Baker on creating strong friendships. Julie I have a lot of embarrassment when I get sick. I worry that my friends will leave me because of my bipolar disorder. Knowing there is a tool they can use if they need more information about my moods helps me stay strong! Julie


High Tide, Low Tide: Our Transatlantic Best [ Read More ]

Will This Relationship Survive? The Author of High Tide, Low Tide Helps Julie with a Friendship Question

I recently shared with Marty what happened when a very dear friend with bipolar disorder came to visit. She was in a manic episode that I found intensely stressful and upsetting. After three days, I made a difficult decision and asked her to leave. I had to do this, but I am fearful that our friendship will not bounce back from this experience. I am not being judgmental. In fact, I 100% identify with what happened as I have been manic like this in front of my friends many times. They don’t like it either. My problem is the energy around the mania. I want to be stable and being around someone who is choosing behaviors that fuel the mania fire is not healthy for me.

With his [ Read More ]

Guest Blogger Noor Baizura: What’s my Unique Signature Relapse?

by Noor Baizura

Every each one of us is unique.

That is why Stigma deserves a stick in the eye.

Our unique personality, experience and nature

Requires us to navigate how we interact and react

To the people and environment around us.

With Bipolar Disorder, we have unique reasons that triggers our highs and lows.

So we need a unique recipe, set of tools and map to navigate our road to recovery

For our unique and amazing destiny in Life.

There is wisdom in both our pains and pleasures, but are we ready to discover and embrace it?

This powerful awareness and knowledge is what I call The Unique Signature Relapse.

It is only after [ Read More ]

Guest Blogger: Update from Martin Baker on Bipolar Disorder and Friendship

High Tide, Low Tide: A Very Human Condition

by Martin Baker

Click here to read Martin’s first guest post on his book High Tide Low Tide: The Caring Friend’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder.

In my last post for Bipolar Happens, I described how the book I wrote with my American best friend Fran Houston came about, and the four year journey that brought our dream to fruition. I’d like to thank Julie for inviting me back to talk about how our book is changing lives.

“High Tide, Low Tide: The Caring Friend’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder” was published last September. Four months on, it is doing well and attracting positive reviews. We believe it has the potential to appeal not only to friends, but also partners, parents, and adult children [ Read More ]

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