A Father of a Son with Bipolar Disorder Speaks


by Julie A. Fast

I will let you in on a secret. Many of us with bipolar disorder feel like failures when the illness doesn’t allow us to have the high powered or super intellectual and/or creative jobs that we could probably do if this illness were not so difficult to manage. I’ve talked with parents for over 20 years now and have learned something important. Being a good person is far more important to parents than being a ‘successful’ person only through work and finances. Don’t believe me? I will let Don take over from here. He is writing a letter to his son Marcos.

Dear Marcos,

My son. Last week something happened that made me so happy I thought I would cry. You were the cause of his [ Read More ]

Keith Bates and Julie A. Fast Talk Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective and Life with Paranoid Psychosis

What does it feel like to be psychotic?

The majority of people with bipolar disorder one will experience psychosis in a full blown manic episode. Many people with bipolar one and bipolar two experiences paranoia, a form of psychosis, but often don’t know what is happening as the symptoms feel so real. People with bipolar disorder who also have a separate psychotic disorder, like Keith and myself actually have an illness called schizoaffective disorder. People with bipolar disorder can also have schizophrenia, but schizoaffective is more likely. I believe that psychosis is much more common in bipolar than we think- read below and ask yourself, Do I have psychosis?



Hello from Keith and Julie,


Hello, my name is Keith Bates…. I am a 22-year-old undergraduate [ Read More ]

Ask Julie A. Fast Tonight: Bipolar Disorder and Medications


Ask Julie Fast Q&A tonight at 7:00 PM PST. Let’s talk meds and . Meds are half of our plan. Let’s get this part right. Join me on Facebook. I will answer your questions in real time. Stability rules!

I write daily on my Facebook page. I hope you can join me this evening. I also have a group for partners called The Stable Bed and a group for parents and family members called The Stable Table.

I love the interactive nature of Facebook. You [ Read More ]

Ask Julie A. Fast: How do I tell someone I have bipolar disorder?

A great question about talking openly about #bipolar a reader on my Julie A. FAst Facebook page: Julie, I know you mention a lot to share this with family and friends Julie A. so that they can be more supportive…and I have. But I have to say for myself that I usually regret it. I find that who ever I am telling either finds it too heavy or later they will use it against me somehow and then that compounds the emotional roller coaster that I may already be on. What am I doing wrong? First off, you are assuming you are doing something wrong. That means you tend to turn on yourself when others disappoint you. I am exactly the same. Work on that part of [ Read More ]

Bipolar and Strong

What is it like to have chronic bipolar disorder? Imagine having days where you struggle every minute. Not just a few times a day, but all day, minute by minute.

Imagine sitting down to work and crying before you even open your computer and you don’t know why! Nothing has happened!

Imagine wanting to be in a relationship, but the obsessions you have the minute someone talks to you are so uncomfortable, you are much happier staying single.

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing your SELF, but knowing that you are not the only person in control. Instead, there is a puppet master called bipolar who will control what you do unless you are unbelievably self aware and abnormally strong.

This is life with chronic bipolar. I live it every day and have lived [ Read More ]

Do you Suffer from Bipolar Distortion?

There is a band called Social Distortion. There is distortion in engineering and music, photography and video. And then there is #bipolar distortion? Do you suffer from bipolar distortion? I do! I have a bad case of this nasty condition. 1. I truly believe that no one loves me when I’m depressed. 2. I feel left out and pushed aside in life when I am depressed. 3. I hear things differently- the words I hear are actually distorted by my brain. “I’m busy this week Julie.” turns into, “I no longer find you interesting as a person.” WTF! WTH! Really! 4. I believe that I’m a bad person and no one wants to be with me, so what is the point of trying to be a good person. I will [ Read More ]

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