Bipolar Medication Side Effects Tip #1

I take a very high dose of Lamictal ever day. (The generic form of Lamictal is Lamotrigine.) The basic dose is 200mg and I take 500-550mg. It just shows how differently we all process medications! A dose that high can naturally lead to more side effects. I have tried so many ways to get the meds in my system while minimizing the neck stiffness, breathing problem and itching I get with Lamictal.

Take Your Meds Over a 24 Hour Period

I finally came up with something that works. I do a 24 hour round of the meds. Most of us take meds while we are awake or when we go to sleep. I decided to take them throughout the day and night. I got a 7 day pill box, but instead of using it for days- I use it for hours. I break my Lamictal into sections some big and some smaller [ Read More ]

What to do when depression knocks on your hotel door…

Actually, depression never says knocks. It’s not that polite. It actually just comes in without knocking. When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder I tried to draw pictures of what it felt like to have this illness. I drew a picture of a hotel- naturally called the Julie Hotel! There was a door to the hotel and outside I drew a huge monster with big teeth- it was much larger than the hotel itself. The caption was..

When bipolar comes knocking- don’t let it in!

Maybe that was a bit naïve. You don’t have to even open the door sometimes. It comes in anyway. Most of my books are about prevention- including recognizing triggers, keeping your relationships stable, knowing your first signs of mania, limiting the alcohol and partying, etc. etc. But I also write a lot about how you can keep going even when you’re depressed.

It’s true that no [ Read More ]

Generic Bipolar Disorder Medications

As may of you know if you’re a regular to this blog- I had a very bad reaction when I changed from brand name Lamictal to to generic Lamictal (lamtrigine.) Others made the switch just fine. If you have switched over from your brand Lamictal to generic Lamtrigine and have noticed a difference in the efficacy of the drug, there are many blog entries under the Lamictal tab to the right that explain generic bipolar drugs in great detail. You can also ready my story- it was quite a saga! But it has all worked out. My mother who takes Lamictal had no problems and has stayed on the lamotrigine. I went back to brand Lamictal and am very happy with the results. No matter what you take, knowledge of generic bipolar disorder drugs is essential!



[ Read More ]

Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer Hit with 2.3 Billion Dollar Fine

Have you ever noticed how articles always refer to large companies as giants? Well, Pfizer has been hit with a giant fine for misrepresenting the benefits of three well known drugs- one of them being Geodon – an antipsychotic used to treat bipolar disorder psychosis.

Here is an excellent article on the topic:


Bipolar Disorder Medication Side Effects: Dry mouth

Try BreathRx Fresh Breath System- this company provides a mint and gum that increases saliva. There are so many drugs that cause a dry mouth, so this is a life saver! (Get it!) SSRIs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Welbutrin and Celexa are known to cause dry mouth.

Dry mouth from bipolar drugs can make your teeth brittle- which means they can crack more easily! So, keeping your mouth moist helps. A night guard is a good idea as well.

Have you been to the dentist lately?


Here is a link to the Breath RX products:

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A note about the bipolar medications category

All of my blogs are divided into categories- you can see the list on the right- I’ve been consolidating them for the past few weeks. Here’s an example of what’s included in the medications category:

Medications: Abilify, tegretol, depakote, lithium, lamictal, lamotrigine, zyprexa, serequel, anti depressants, medical treatment of bipolar disorder, medications used to treat bipolar disorder, side effects, anti convulsants, anti psychotics, mood stabilizers, mania medications, depression medications, anxiety medications, talking with your doctor about medications, family members on medications, family members who refuse medications, medications in the news, what medications should a person with bipolar disorder take, etc etc!

Can you believe there is so much to learn about medications and bipolar disorder! If you just take an hour to read all of the blogs in this category, you will know more than most people on the planet about the drugs used to treat the illness. It’s fascinating information. I have learned it [ Read More ]

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