Lamictal (lamotrigine) for Bipolar Disorder: Reader Question

med questionHello Julie,

I was taking 800 mg a day of lomictal. I dropped to 600 for six. Then two weeks ago, I dropped to 400. The dose is still way above “normal”. I just don’t think I need these meds. I totally get and appreciate mental illness. I have been on meds for 28 years. I am a high functioning professional — 12 months ago my life took a huge turn — for the better. I retired and several other external circumstances changed. I want to quit all meds and try it on my own — again, I am not anti meds in any way, nor am I feeling above them. I just wonder if meds have always been the first answer for me and adjusting, increasing and changing them for 28 years has gotten me [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder Medication Side Effects: Lamictal (lamotrigine)

I’m reading over my older posts- so much of what I’ve written can still be used today- medications don’t change and our needs don’t change. I was on Lamictal for many years and it helped me get through a serious four year depression. My depression is better now and I am off the drug. Medications can help us through tough depression times- and when we are better, we can lower doses or go off the medications. Unfortunately, it’s not the same with mania. For many people, staying on mania drugs as a prevention tool is essential, but even then, doses can change and different medications can be found that have less side effects. No one and I mean no one really wants to take medications for bipolar disorder, but if you’re like me, medications are [ Read More ]

Reader Question on Lamictal (lamotrigine) Side Effects

LamictalLamictal is a mood stabilizer used to treat bipolar disorder depression.

The generic name is lamotrigine. The basic dose is 200 mg, though the dose can vary greatly depending on the person. It usually has very low side effects, but there can certainly be some that interfere with life! Here is a question from a reader (Jon) about Lamictal side effects.

Hi Julie,

I’m taking 800mg of lamictal a day for epilepsy, and Ive had a problem with my throat for the past 2 years (almost since Ive been on the medicine. Primarily continual clearing of my throat and a sensation of something stuck in the back of my throat. Ive seen tons of drs, checked me for all nasal and stomach issues, all to no avail. My last dr said it could be some type of tic, but I wasn’t sure. Has anyone [ Read More ]

Brand Name Lamictal and Generic Lamotrigine …2015 Update

generic medications bipolar disorderI regularly receive questions about the brand name drug Lamictal. It’s one of the best medications around for treating bipolar disorder depression. It works as an anti depressant without as many concerns about mania. It saved my life. It’s the only drug I’ve ever been able to use long term. I was on it for five years. My bipolar disorder is under control these days and I’m not taking it regularly, but at one time I was on 750 mg a day and it kept my suicidal depression from getting too severe. Lamictal (lamotrigine) has one of the highest treatment effectiveness ranges. The therapeutic dose is around 200 mg, but many people need a higher dose.

The brand name of the drug is Lamictal and the generic is called lamotrigine. When the generic came out seven years ago, it wasn’t very trustworthy. [ Read More ]

What is Lamictal (Lamotrigine) and How Does it Help Manage Bipolar Disorder?

LamictalAs you may already know, Lamictal changed and saves my life. It’s the only drug I’ve been able to take since I was diagnosed in 1995. I am always singing the praises about the drug.

It comes with side effects for sure- the main one being a rash that can be serious. But it’s very, very rare. Many health care professionals are wary of Lamictal because of the rash, but I always remind people that a potential side effect is just that. If monitored correctly, the potential is small. Also, the rash is normally benign. Make sure your prescriber knows all of the history before saying no to prescribing Lamictal or Lamotrigine. A rash doesn’t mean you can’t take the drug. It often means you just need to start with a lower dose and increase is slowly.

What is Lamotrigine?

The generic form [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and Travel? Think Ahead About Your Meds

When you have bipolar disorder and you are going to travel, you need to think ahead about your medications. [ Read More ]

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