BIPOLAR DISORDER MANIA 101: Do you know the difference between dysphoric and euphoric mania?

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Julie’s cart during a manic shopping spree. She put ALL of it back when she realized she was manic. ARG!


MANIA 101: Here’s the basic info about bipolar disorder mania.

Let’s start at the beginning. There are two levels of mania: hypomania and full blown mania.

People with bipolar disorder II (two) have hypomania only. People with bipolar disorder I (one) have hyomania and the very dangerous and very life disrupting full blown mania. I have bipolar disorder two, but I’m one of the unfortunates- My type of hypomania is right on the verge of full blown mania. If I ever do move into full blown mania, I will then have a [ Read More ]

Ask Julie Fast: Come on! Can you really tell you are manic by looking in your eyes?

A friend recently wrote me and asked if my mania in the eyes hypothesis was about the size of the pupil. Here is my reply.

Some background: If you are not familiar with my work, I wrote an article based off of personal and professional experience that hypothesizes we can see signs of mania in the eyes.In my opinion, this could revolutionize how we think about bipolar disorder. If mania is clearly seen in the eyes, it means this is a physical illness. If we can recognize mania in the eyes, it means we can override a manic brain that is telling us we are just fine. I’m currently part of a Southern Methodist University study to test my ideas. Here is link to the webpage if you would like to read more. My Psychology Today blog: Three Clues to Recognize Bipolar Mania in the Eyes explains my ideas [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder Curious? Listen to the Bipolar Disorder 101 Coaching Call and Change Your World!

Here I am working on my 2009 radio show!

Click the link below to listen to the Bipolar Disorder 101 coaching call where I condense my bipolar disorder knowledge into one hour. We had over 100 people on the original call- now it can reach even more people. You can listen online or download the MP3 to any handheld device. Here’s a quote from one of the listeners:

“Julie, how did you get so much information about bipolar disorder into one call? It’s the first time my son has ever made it through a whole recording about his diagnosis. I could tell that hearing the facts from someone who struggles as much as he does with bipolar really made a difference. Thank you! I was crying and didn’t [ Read More ]

Are You Manic?

I hear stories all summer about people who go off their meds because they feel so GREAT and then the disasters that follow. It’s easy to think – the sun is just so WONDERUFL!!!!!! when the weather gets nice, you’re off school, you have a vacation, the kids are home, etc.

There is no doubt that summer is wonderful if you were depressed in the winter- but this is just a friendly reminder that when things get WONDERFUL!!!!! it’s time to check for mania. Here are some questions to ask yourself – or ask the person you care about.

1. Are you sleeping a lot less than what is considered the norm- but are still filled with energy the next day? The norm is six to eight hours- mania sleep would be [ Read More ]

The Kickstarter for Hortensia and the Magical Brain is Live!

Hortensia and the Magical Brain introduces a therapeutic poetry technique that helps parents, caregivers and health care professionals lovingly talk with a child and create an open and healthy conversation around early onset mental health disorders. The poems cover the mean and nasty, scary and suicidal, angry and elated, sad and over the top thoughts and behaviors children with mental health concerns regularly experience.

Let’s shine a light on these NORMAL mental health symptoms and teach kids that they are often a result of brain chemicals that can be fixed though lifestyle changes and if needed, medical help.

This is a beautifully crafted, hard back book that was created for kids whose brains aren’t always on track. Just like mine!

Please visit our Hortensia Kickstarter page to read more about this amazing book. Pledges start at $1 and everyone receives a fun reward as a thank you!

Julie [ Read More ]

Three Signs You are Manic

1. Heightened artistic ability. The only way to know if this is mania is to compare your artistic ability to when you are stable. I NEVER draw when stable. I can barely do stick figures. The picture below definitely shows the manic brain at work. 2. You have ideas for big projects that you would normally find impossible. Stable people clean their rooms. When we are manic, we design a new organizing system for our room, go to the store and buy all of the supplies and then stay up all night building something that gives us a lot of pleasure. Everyone who sees this thinks, “What the heck is going on here? I have never seen her build anything [ Read More ]

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