Bipolar Disorder Language is Very Predictable

Bipolar disorder is chaotic in terms of mood swings, but once a person is in a mood swing, the behavior is very predictable.

Depressed people tend to talk and act in the same way. The subject matter may change and the severity of the mood swing can vary greatly, but the way things are said and the tone of what is said stays the same. This is true for all bipolar disorder symptoms.

Think of how people talk with they are anxious. They use the same language.

People who are manic use the same language. It’s not as though everything is completely new each time.

Because of this, you can literally learn the language and behavior of each bipolar disorder symptom that affects your relationship and then use this information to stop the [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder Depression Distortion

This article originally appeared in Bp Magazine……

It takes a lot longer to worry about getting things done than it does to actually finish a project. Sounds easy, right? Not when you have depression.


Depression makes me squirm and put things off and worry that I’m not getting things done. It distorts reality to the point that I put off even the most basic projects because they feel so overwhelming. This is because depression affects our ability to see a project realistically in terms of time, which is why we waste so much time not getting things done. I can spend hours, days, and even weeks ruminating about deadlines, To Do lists, and missed opportunities. Projects that may take just a few hours to complete can turn into [ Read More ]

Depression Doesn’t Care: How I Manage My Bipolar Depression

When I’m depressed, I use the strategies in my books as though someone else wrote the books. It’s not as though I’ve become super human in managing this illness. (I wish.) Instead, my bipolar depression is around on a regular basis and I have to find a way to live with it if I want to find happiness in this life.

Depression couldn’t care less about the reality of your life. You may have loving friends, a loving family, a great partner, kids you adore, a job you find fascinating and all of the money in the world – and yet depression will still make you feel that you have nothing.

Depression will tell you that your life is worth nothing and then it will make you act as if you have nothing. [ Read More ]

The Path to Happiness when You Have Bipolar Disorder

Julie, is it different than the path anyone would take when seeking happiness?

Yes, I do believe it is!


I’ve lived all over the world- I moved a lot before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I feel I can say with great conviction that I have known, loved, worked with and met far more people who are stable than those who have bipolar. This is natural as about 6% of the world population has bipolar disorder. It makes sense I would meet a lot of stable people. I have observed that the path to happiness for stable people is incredibly straight forward. Not easy by any means, but definitely a path that a person can see and track with confidence. For example, the desire to be a [ Read More ]

Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder

Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder is my foundational book. It’s the one I recommend for those who are new to bipolar disorder.

A description of the book is below. If you’re a family member or health care professional who wants to learn the basics of bipolar disorder and how the illness can be treated with a management plan, you will love this book! Take Charge was the first book to talk about having a trigger management plan for bipolar disorder. It also introduced the idea of avoiding the bipolar disorder conversation and the importance of having a team in place to help manage the illness.

Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder with Julie A. Fast: A 4-Step Management Plan for People with Bipolar Disorder, Family Members and Health Care Professionals to [ Read More ]

Ask Julie Fast: How do you remain organized and focused in your thinking?

A new way to focus my attention! I am trying to focus on just one sporting event when faced with a gazillion TVs in a sports bar. HEHE.


ANSWER: I don’t remain organized and focused in my thinking. It’s a daily and sometimes hourly struggle for me to focus. I have to get help in order to get my work done.

I’m extremely unfocused- it’s pathological and is a struggle very single day. My manager Vy is a life savor. She makes charts that I work hard to follow. I cannot write books without help.

I’m getting worse as I get older and there is no question that my head injury from 2012 doesn’t help. This is not meant to be depressing. It is simply my reality. When I’m stable, I just deal with it. When [ Read More ]

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