Bipolar and Strong

What is it like to have chronic bipolar disorder? Imagine having days where you struggle every minute. Not just a few times a day, but all day, minute by minute.

Imagine sitting down to work and crying before you even open your computer and you don’t know why! Nothing has happened!

Imagine wanting to be in a relationship, but the obsessions you have the minute someone talks to you are so uncomfortable, you are much happier staying single.

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing your SELF, but knowing that you are not the only person in control. Instead, there is a puppet master called bipolar who will control what you do unless you are unbelievably self aware and abnormally strong.

This is life with chronic bipolar. I live it every day and have lived [ Read More ]

Do you Suffer from Bipolar Distortion?

There is a band called Social Distortion. There is distortion in engineering and music, photography and video. And then there is #bipolar distortion? Do you suffer from bipolar distortion? I do! I have a bad case of this nasty condition. 1. I truly believe that no one loves me when I’m depressed. 2. I feel left out and pushed aside in life when I am depressed. 3. I hear things differently- the words I hear are actually distorted by my brain. “I’m busy this week Julie.” turns into, “I no longer find you interesting as a person.” WTF! WTH! Really! 4. I believe that I’m a bad person and no one wants to be with me, so what is the point of trying to be a good person. I will [ Read More ]

Chat with Julie Live on Saturday on the Voices for Change 2.0 Podcast with Rebecca Lombardo

I love doing live call in shows. I hope you can join me tomorrow for a chat about mental health on the Rebecca Lombardo Podcast Voices for Change 2.0.


Here is the direct link to our #podcast tomorrow with Julie A. Fast See you tomorrow at 11am EST!

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How to Get a Grip When You Know You’re Manic

From my Bp Magazine for Bipolar blog:

Julie, MANIC. Circa 1990


Learn to stop bipolar mania from wrecking your life by sticking to a mania prevention plan Mania is very hard to treat in the moment. The treatment window for depression is very high. We tend to be reasonable and are able to see we are sick. Mania, even the mild hypomania some of us have experienced our whole lives can take away our ability to see we are sick in just a few hours. A prevention plan is key. The fist step in managing is accepting that mania is dangerous. I know … what a bummer! Step One: Teach yourself that just because mania feels good, it doesn’t mean it is good. I had to teach myself that the incredible feeling of [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder Language is Very Predictable

Bipolar disorder is chaotic in terms of mood swings, but once a person is in a mood swing, the behavior is very predictable.

Depressed people tend to talk and act in the same way. The subject matter may change and the severity of the mood swing can vary greatly, but the way things are said and the tone of what is said stays the same. This is true for all bipolar disorder symptoms.

Think of how people talk with they are anxious. They use the same language.

People who are manic use the same language. It’s not as though everything is completely new each time.

Because of this, you can literally learn the language and behavior of each bipolar disorder symptom that affects your relationship and then use this information to stop the [ Read More ]

What is it really like to work when you have active bipolar disorder, psychosis and anxiety?


I just sent out a newsletter. Here is what I experienced the entire time I was working:

1. Shortness of breath. 2. Felt like my heart was in my throat- literally- like a lump. 3. Dizziness 4. Worry 5. Guilt 6. Dread 7. Anger that I have to go through this CRAP 8. Lack of faith in what I was writing. 9. A great desire to simply quit what I was doing. 10. Zero belief I would reach my goal.

I have lived with this my entire life. It is my brain. I have a lot of mental health symptoms that simply show up when I work.

The secret is learning to work THROUGH them.

I sent that darn newsletter and it is beautiful. Who cares that I felt like I was dying while [ Read More ]

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