Can Depression Get Better? Yes, depression can get better.

man depressionThe following is a blog post from two years ago. Now that my depression is better, I’m looking back on life to see where I came from. I was depressed for 30 years off and on. I have a plan that works now. It IS possible to get better. Julie

Will This Depression Ever End and Can Anyone Help Me?

When I’m seriously depressed every single minute feels like I’m living in hell and I am just closer and closer to death.

 I sometimes get so depressed that I can’t move my head or have a conversation. I still make myself get out and do things. I cry and I feel I can’t go on, but I do. I feel better for having done something. Every minute when I’m well is filled with possibility because I can choose what to feel and what to do. People take this for granted. They take for granted that they can decide not to be mad about something or not to let others bother them.

 Bipolar disorder is not about fixing problems. I can fix my problems. I have a choice with that. The main problem I have is that I can’t always fix bipolar disorder. I can manage it, but I can’t fix something that is so broken. I feel this will last forever and that nothing will change for the future. I will be alone and old and have no purpose. What is the point of my life?

** Back to the present!

Over one year ago, I found medical help that I now use along with my existing management skills.


Never give up. Keep trying new meds- new methods- reread my books- get help, but never give up.



4 comments to Can Depression Get Better? Yes, depression can get better.

  • Sometimes I read my journal from a depressed day and cannot even remember how it felt to feel that bad. On the days I feel depressed and I read good days in my journal, I can’t remember how THAT felt. It always helps to know that literally, “this too will pass”, for bipolar is exactly that. Depression comes, and it goes. Yea for good days!

  • Cee

    There is one thing that never ceases to amaze me: how when I’m in a good mood I can’t remember how bad it is to be depressed, and when I am depressed, I can’t imagine what it is like to feel good. I always say, “next time I will remember” but I never do. How can that be?

  • Hi Cee,

    I am going to answer this on on my BP Magazine (Bipolar Magazine) blog, here is the link:

    My posts go up every Thursday.


  • Bryan nordstrom

    Hi Julie,
    I have read your email, I just wish I could be happy were you are in life. For the last 5 years I have been abused. It got so bad that I had to leave everything behind. My I am living with my daughter and her family. I am waiting for my son and his wife to get things ready for me to move in with them…. I don’t see that happing any time soon. I have no one to talk to, I feel so alone. It is very hard to even put my thought down. I just hope I can find the happiness you have found. Thanks that’s all.

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