BP Magazine Blog: Why Can’t I Take Anti Depressants or ADHD Meds if I Have Bipolar Disorder?


I am a regular columinist and blogger for BP Magazine. (If you don’t alreade receive this publication, it’s amazing. Especially for family members and partners.)

My BP Magazine blog is normally separate from this blog, but the one this week is so imporant, I want to post it in two places.

Here is the first paragraph of the blog- you can then click over to the mag site to read the rest:


Why Can’t I Take Anti Depresants or ADHD Meds if I Have Bipolar Disorder?

The answer is that you can- in some very carefully monitored situations. One of the main problems I see in my coaching clients is where a child or partner has a manic episode due to taking an antidepressant or stimulant. It’s a huge problem in the health care profession due to lack of information and the explanation below tells why!  

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PS: I also write a colum for the magazine- the topics are different from this blog as they are more personal.  The magazine is awesome!

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