Bipolarity and The Social Network aka Facebook

I just had another client email where someone used the term bipolarity. Amazing.  I heard it for the first time just a month ago. That is the power of the internet. Speaking of the internet, I saw the movie The Social Network yesterday. I strongly recommend it.  There is so much to learn from the movie that has to do with bipolar disorder management.  Here is what I mean:

1. If we act without knowing why we act, we will be in trouble.  In other words, if you’re depressed and it is distorting your mind, you will act based off of the distortion and cause damage in your life. I did it until I created my management plan (Health Cards, Take Charge, Etc). Now I always try to say to myself- why am I doing this? Is it me? Jealousy? Bipolar? In the past it was mostly BIPOLARITY. Now I am pretty aware of why I do what I do.

2. Friends matter. Nurture them and keep them and get rid of the ones who don’t bring joy to your life. People who manage the illness well know the importance of friends.

3.  Even if you’re depressed, you can enjoy a good movie. I did.


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