A Bipolar Disorder Success Story!


Julie, it took my fiancé to call the cops twice to make myself sign into the hospital for treatment. I was hurt and angry @ first as to why she did this because  I didn’t understand what was going on at that time. I yelled at her and told her I didn’t want her to visit me. That’s when the doctor told me I had full blown bipolar disorder. But  since April, 2006 a lot changed: the right meds- a great pysc dr and  counselor and things have been going great..

Curt in Altoona,  PA

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  • Gloria in Texas

    My bipolar disorder showed up when I was in my teens. By the time I was 18 I had quit school, left home, been raped, tried to commit suicide, was married and divorced and was using and selling drugs. Then things really got wild. I made a lot of bad decisions and had a lot of drama, going from one self-created crisis to another. 39 years, one hospitalization and 4 husbands later I take my meds every day, go to a bipolar support group every week, see my therapist every month and see my psychiatrist every quarter. I can hold down a job and have been married to the same man for 18 years. I was sterilized when I was in my 20

  • Ram

    Curt, Congrats on checking yourself in for treatment. It is so refreshing to hear success stories like yours. I feel like so often, we hear about tragedies associated with mental illnesses!

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