Bipolar Happens! is a Kindle bestseller

Bipolar Happens: 35 Tips and Tricks to Manage Bipolar Disorder is a top ten book on the Kindle

That’s exciting. I went to the Kindle store to see how Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder and Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder were doing on the bipolar disorder page. These books are in the top ten ranking- and then I saw that Bipolar Happens! is up there as well.

Fantastic! Bipolar Happens! is an enjoyable book about a serious topic.

Guess what- it’s only $.99  I want it to be available to everyone.

Yes, I think this is a great deal and a good way to get helpful information about bipolar disorder at minimum cost. Bipolar Happens! was my first book. I knew I wanted to talk about how I manage the illness, but I also wanted to tell stories about how it affects my life daily.

There are stories about anger, manic spending, anxiety at a baseball game and what it feels like to be psychotic! It’s a book that family members love too. I love it myself. It’s hopeful.

Click here to go to You can read part of the book and then add it to your Kindle. Wow, $.99!


PS: If you’re new to my work, this is a great way to experience my writing style and the quality of my information. If you like it, you can come back for more!

5 comments to Bipolar Happens! is a Kindle bestseller

  • Congratulations Julie for your bipolar bestseller. I’ve just bought myself a kindle copy.
    I’m eager to read it. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Karen 🙂

  • ronald dishinger

    four fold problem with BP disorder:1 nutirents 2 behavior 3 foods 4 gentetic- now wihout proper nutrients even a tomato plant can not grow so humans … if not proper foods then noteven a trace of proper nutrients… then behviors will change and CNS (central nervous system) will come down and the mind has more rest and thus the behaviors are more in a norm of controllable by the person 4 genetics- we control some genetics and change them all the time with nutrients, foods, and behavors so what we can change we change and thus all things for the human are better- now the problem is how to do the three previous things to get the genes to change for the better.ronald dishinger 7/4/2012

  • Jade

    I dont have a kindle how do I gain acess to your book?