Bipolar Disorder, Work and College

Here is a wonderful comment from Gerry in Australia.  Yes, you can work full time and go to school when you have bipolar disorder! 

G’Day all. I am new to the blog, but would like to say something positive on this issue which I hope will encourage everyone else with bipolar. I’m lucky because I don’t suffer from some of the worst symptoms of bipolar & also was rather old when I had my first psychotic episode. So before that I managed to get a BA with Honours & a Phd. Now I am a full time academic in Politics. It was only after working full time for 7 years that I discovered that I had bipolar. It does impact my work sometimes, but my Dept. has been very good about making some allowances.

I have published 2 books and many articles. I have learned Spanish and travelled to Latin America on my own to do field research on numerous occasions.

You too can succeed!

As a teacher who has studied all I can say:  Go to “college” as you call it in the States.  Go do it!

Dr. Gerry

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