Bipolar Disorder and Work Reader Story


I have worked several years since my diagnosis by it always ended in disaster when I would have a manic state and try to reinvent the work environment I was in. This created havoc for my co workers that ended up in me being fired in on position of office manager.  I was in charge of the accounting for a three million dollar a year practice, that ended with me having a breakdown and the books being investigated and them finding that I had times when my accounting was way out of whack. I was fired from this place and only because of the compassion of my employer charges weren’t brought against me. So henceforth I am very sceptical about my returning to work no matter how well i get in fear that it can all go wrong again and of course my resume isn’t worth the paper it is written on due to all my terminations. So that’s my reality and I’ve learned to accept that.


Great story.  Some of us can work full time and some can’t. Some can run their own businesses and some can’t. That is reality.  I believe in being real about bipolar. I know that we can all find some kind of work we can do- if we want to. If you are someone who struggles with bipolar disorder and truly doesn’t have to work because you are supported by family or a partner- see it for what it is- something GREAT!


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  • Miss Fast,
    Please make a Wikipedia entry about yourself. Thanks 🙂

  • Gail

    I can’t believe my eyes. I had the same exact meltdown at a workplace. It was a million dollar a year business and I managed the office as well as the books. After a very ugly meltdown at work they fired me and brought in forensic auditors. They were sure I had stole money from them. It was proven that I didn’t steal any money just had messed up the accounting so bad. My employer did not take any action against me but I lost the friendship of people that I thought I’d have a lifetime. So still not able to work, certainly lost my confidence, live in a small town where everyone knows what happened and a references nil. Thanks for posting I have been living with this feeling of shame over this incident for ten years.

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