Bipolar Disorder and Work

I’ve had trouble working for about a week now. That’s nothing new- what’s odd is that I haven’t been depressed- just restless and a bit unhappy. Wait! That is depression! 😉

I’m using all of my techniques to end this non productive cycle.

My goal today is making it to the library to work on a project that’s due next week.  Just writing it down on this blog is stressful, so it makes more sense to go take care of the problem than worry about it all day.

I will keep you posted.

Do you need to do something you’ve been putting off? It helps to sit by a brook leaning on a tree in the summer.


1 comment to Bipolar Disorder and Work

  • I wish there was a simple answer of how to get your focus and get back on track and be productive and perform and function and be happy. But there isn’t, unless you know one, and if you do, please share.

    I get days that that, and its frustrating and the work just piles up so I just write it down, try to get through it, sometimes it works, sometimes I just have twice as much to deal with the next day. :/

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