Bipolar Disorder and Travel – 3 tips for the holiday weekend

Three Travel Tips for the Holiday Weekend

It’s a three day weekend here in the states. Many people are traveling out of town or have events on the weekend.  On the other hand, there are those who are lonely and wish they had something planned.  Holidays can be tough for both sides. If I’m manic, I’ll just go have a blast no matter where I am. I’d walk up to strangers and she what they’re doing. If I’m depressed, all I can think about is that other people have a lot more fun than I do. They go to picnics and see people and throw Frisbees and have a wonderful time. I’m sure I’m missing out.

Of course this is a great illustration that my moods are not my own- and that I need to get focused and create my own moods. I do this by planning ahead.

Here are some tips:

1. Time Zones: If you’re traveling with a time change: Start now to get on the new time. This may mean going to be earlier or later. This has made a huge difference in my traveling over the past few years.

2. Travel Companions: I always tell others how travel affects bipolar disorder so that they can help me look for signs that I’m getting ill. People are always really helpful. If you haven’t told people, it helps for you to have a list of the signs that you’re getting ill! It’s the small things you have to notice- such as partying a lot more where you drink and stay out all night long after others have gone to bed. Tell your travel friends that this is not what you want to do and have a plan before you go out!

3. Time Out: I can get really overstimulated on a vacation. If you’re going to Disney World for example, it’s fine to say to others- I’ll just let you guys go on Space Mountain for the fifth time, I’m going to sit at this café and read. There are many things you can do to create successful travel- if you click on the travel tab to the right, I have a lot more ideas.

I keep saying I’m going to write a travel book! I will have to do that before the winter travel craze!


1 comment to Bipolar Disorder and Travel – 3 tips for the holiday weekend

  • These seem to be simply tips, but how easily they are forgotton when on vacation. Sometimes you have to spell things out.

    Hi Peter,

    I should have been more specific! If you click on the travel tab from the category menu on your right, there are a lot more tips under that section that expand on these short tips. I’m actually writing a full length book on bipolar and travel- but I stopped writing it last year. I guess I should get it out so that we can use the tips during the winter travel season!


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