Bipolar Disorder and Internet OCD! Facebook

I believe that I have to practice what I teach.

Every once in a while, I will try something new and think- oh, that’s such a great idea! It will be fun and will help my business. So, I started a FACEBOOK account. Well, if you read this blog a lot, I am sure you know where this is going. Fun for others can turn into a bit of an obsession for me. It’s not that I was obsessed with Facebook- it’s that my brain found it stressful. I am sure you know what I mean.  It was an experiment that I am glad I tried.  It IS good for business to get myself out there so that I can connect with readers. and it IS a good idea to keep up to date with my writing friends and their projects.

In theory.

 I want to stay well- especially when it comes to internet use.  Treat bipolar first is my motto and has been for over 10 years. Thus, I am closing my Facebook account! My dear friend Sherri- who has bipolar one- had to do the same thing. I need to use my energy for work, instead of spending time on the internet.

Have you had similar experiences? I would love to hear them!


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  • Joanne

    Hi Julie
    I have had a similar experience with ebay. Unfortunately it resulted in me buying a lot of stuff that i didnt need. Once i finally realised what was happening i managed to get a grip of it and turned it around to selling stuff instead of buying it. I sold everything i could and now i have run out of stuff to sell, i am now selling stuff for friends.

    • That is great Joanne! Well done!

      I did go a bit crazy on eBay myself some years ago but it kinda naturally stopped once I had all the stuff I wanted, I was just a bit obsessed with vynils and some merchandise from my favourite band but at some stage I just felt, yeah I have enough now! :o)

  • Facebook can be a real problem for me. A few months ago I took a break from it. When I came back I found myself less compulsive about checking it. If it becomes a problem again I will definitely take another break.

    I also get OCD about reading blogs. I used to follow more than 50. I’ve gotten it down to less than 25 on my Google Reader. Most are people I know or others who have Bipolar.

  • I agree. It’s like crack!

    Hi Jen,

    thank you for a great morning laugh!


  • karen

    this post was a while back but i will comment anyway..i was on facebook checking how you were doing and saw that you were staying away. I have been close to deactivating as well..during ill times, facebook is too overwhelming and becomes something i check over and over..something to be paying attention to and taking action..overall, I do ok but am aware that it could become one more thing to re-evaluate – like everything else 🙂

  • I cannot stop using Facebook at work. It’s hell! I don’t even really enjoy it most of the time, I just feel compelled to open it every few minutes. Sometimes I can take a deep breath concentrate on a work task and stay of it for like an hour at most. I hate it. My managers have made it clear that they are not happy about it a couple of months ago. I was off it for a while after that but the addiction is creeping back in.

    I wish I could just ask IT to block my access to it from work but I need unrestricted internet access due to the nature of my work, I wouldn’t be able to work properly with restrictions of any kind when it comes to pages you can access. It’s not just at work, sometimes at home I’m watching a DVD and I need to pause several times and go downstairs to check my Facebook!

    I think the root of this was my previous job,, years ago. There was little work volume and it could be done in two solid hours of hard work, pretty much leaving you with 6 or 7 hours of sitting around, during which time I browsed the net….


  • MarikkaM

    Hi Julie!!
    I am so glad to hear that you found Facebook so unhealthy for you too! I try to explain this to family and friends, but they just don’t get it. Anyway, it is sometimes hard when I am making new friends and they ask if I have a FB account and I don’t. However, I am sticking with my decision to stay away from it. I am so much better off now that I am not overloading my volatile little brain with feelings about old friends from high school and searching for ex-boyfriends!! Now I feel like my brain can actually breathe…..whew….what a relief!!

    Take care!

  • Mary Ann

    OMG! While my husband and I were separated I got addicted to Farmville and Farm Town on Facebook. I would hurry home so that I could harvest crops and buy more stuff. I even spent money to add things to my Farms. I just totally unplugged from reality and would stay up to harvest my crops until after my bedtime so they wouldn’t wither. After he came home there wasn’t as much time to play and I was finally able to wean myself off.
    I have also done the ebay addiction and have “collections” of stuff all over my house. I have begun to try and sell things and it makes me sick how much I am not going to realize on my return. Lately I have managed to avoid these things but I wonder what the next obsession will be. Maybe your blogs!
    Mary Ann

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