Bipolar Disorder and Consistent Relationships….

I was talking with a friend this morning and saying that I wish that all of my relationships could just be ‘consistent.’ The problem is that people really aren’t consistent. Things happen and to expect everyone to stay the same just because you want them to is not realistic.

Of course the main problem is that people with bipolar disorder need such incredible consistency in every way in order to even come close to stability.

I do work hard to have people in my life who love and respect me, but sometimes even those people change due to outside circumstances. They get into new relationships and our friendship changes. They have health problems and work problems.

I do know that one thing I can do is remain as honest and consistent as possible so that I can handle this stuff a bit better. I can be aware of what others do that upset me and what they do that makes me feel loved and supported. I can then try to be the best friend and family member possible. I just get so tired of having to deal with all of the mood swings that come from change. People without mood disorders have no idea, do they!


Out of all of my books, The Health Cards help the best to maintain positive relationships.


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